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[Photo Grabbr]

I keep track of a lot of Flickr accounts and every so often, I come across a photoset that's just so brilliant, I want to keep a local copy for myself. Unfortunately, it's rather cumbersome to open each photo individually, save the size that I want, and then rename the file to match the title of the photo. Even more unfortunate is that as far as I could tell, there wasn't anything for Mac OSX that would help simplify this job. So the only thing left to do was to write Photo Grabbr so that I could use it for myself.

Mac OS X 10.9 or better.
Internet connection.
Flickr account (optional).


[25 Jan 2019 - v1.6.0]
Photos not in a set, your favorites, and photos that have tagged you can now be downloaded.
Removed the license file support. Just check the box if you’ve donated.
Minimum macOS version is now 10.9.

[10 Mar 2015 - v1.5b]
I don't have a lot of time to devote to this project these days but I at least fixed it so that SSL connections are used meaning you can download from Flickr once again.
I also had to update the minimum requires to 10.6. Sorry, folks, but them's the breaks. It was the only way I could actually update Photo Grabbr.

[19 Feb 2011 - v1.45]
Fixed: Private photos wouldn't be downloaded if exporting XML data for a photo was turned on.

[03 Jan 2011 - v1.44]
Any videos in a set are now downloaded if you're downloading from your own account and you have a Pro account (this is due to limitations set forth by Flickr -- there's not much I can do about it).
Updated the XML export to include any notes and comments on a photo.
The XML export now also contains the file path to the photo saved.
Photos of a Flickr user (i.e., photos posted by other Flickr users that contain the user searched for) can now be downloaded.

[19 Jan 2010 - v1.43]
Added an option to resume downloading if an internal error occurred (vs. the old behavior which would completely abort the download).
Added an activity window to display the current state of a photo downloading.

[09 Sep 2009 - v1.42]
Hopefully the issue with non-U.S. characters being used anywhere (username, photoset name, etc.) has finally been resolved so all those weird characters people like to use should no longer cause any problems.

[06 June 2009 - v1.41]
Updated the XML export to include the photo's location (if any).

[29 May 2009 - v1.4]
Added some feature requests as new preferences:
- Generate an XML file containing the descriptions and tags of photos downloaded as well as the set description if downloading a photo set.
- The tags associated with a photo are added to the Spotlight comments of the downloaded file.
- A sequential number is prepended to files downloaded to maintain the order in which they were downloaded in.

Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see added to the XML file or if you'd like to hire me to do something interesting for you with the XML file.

[14 Oct 2008 - v1.31]
Changed the following to bring Photo Grabbr into compliance with the Flickr API Terms of Usage:
- Removed the option to look for a user via their user ID.
- Photos flagged as not for downloading are not downloaded.
- Photos with the license "All Rights Reserved" are not downloaded.
A sheet is now displayed with the list of photos that couldn't be downloaded due to owner restrictions.
Fixed a bug where if you used the filters to set how many photos to download, it would still use that number when trying to download all photos.

I'd like to point out that while I was working on this release, I was also working on a massive deadline for work which slowed down my progress on Photo Grabbr. It did not, unfortunately, slow down the number of e-mails I would get each day telling me that Photo Grabbr was not working despite the message I left on the "Contact Me" section of my website. So if you're one of those users who somehow missed that note, please consider donating as a way of saying "Whoops! Sorry to bug you about Photo Grabbr while you were killing yourself trying to get a massive deadline for work finished." :)

[08 Sep 2008 - v1.3]
Fixed a bug where the "go to photos" button wasn't properly anchored.
Fixed a bug where occasionally Flickr would send back an improperly formatted message and cause Photo Grabbr to hang.
The download filter sheet now remembers the last filter used.
Added a "Search For a Group" window to facilitate finding the Flickr ID of groups that have strange characters in their name (and thus, making them impossible to find).
Added the option to download photos that are not in a photo set.

[29 June 2008 - v1.21]
User favorites are now downloaded to their own folder.
Fixed a bug that prevented more than 500 photos in a set from being downloaded.
Added an option to skip photos that have already been downloaded.

[04 June 2008 - v1.2]
Fixed the bug where groups with spaces in the name could not be found.
Extra spaces before and after the search term are removed before attempting the search.
Favorites of a Flickr user can now be downloaded (check under the Flickr menu).

[21 May 2008 - v1.11]
Fixed a bug where if the user was downloading all photos from an account through the date filters and more than 100 photos were downloaded, then the rest of the photos in the account would be downloaded.
Text filter for downloading all photos should work now.
Other miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements.

[12 May 2008 - v1.1]
Can now download from groups.
Added a button to display the photo page for the person or group searched for.
Multiple sets can be selected and toggled for downloading at the same time.
Each of the different search types now maintain their own list of previous searches.
The history of previous searches can be cleared out.
If the attempt to download the preferred size of a photo fails, Photo Grabbr will attempt to download the next smallest size (so feel free to set the preferred download size to "Original" because if you can't get the original size, it will attempt to download the large size instead).
Option-clicking the "Download All Photos" button will bring up a set of filters that can be used to narrow down which photos to download.
Bug fixes!

[3 March 2008 - v1.0]
Initial version.